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Training Manager Dylan Doherty


Every spring thousands of students graduate college with the knowledge and skills to enter the workforce and make it their own.

These students are the best and brightest: they have the most cutting-edge skillsets, the most deftness and awareness around emerging technologies, but they have no experience navigating the workforce.

For this reason, Crystal Equation is here to help guide these bright young minds, so that they can explore the job market with more knowledge and support.IMG_20170202_140238

We think of it as the best kind of mutually beneficial collaboration, as no company can survive without growth and an influx of fresh perspectives.

Here are some lessons we learned this spring on the Career Fair circuit:

  • Students may be nervous to make the right first impression and get noticed by potential employers. But things aren’t simple on the other side of the curtain: Career fairs are just as nerve-racking for employers, and preparation is key.



  • Remember your toolkit: in addition to your professional tools, you’ll need a little Felix Felicis and coffee to get you energized and ready to talk your head off. Wear layers for any needed temperature adjustments. Also, comfortable shoes are a necessity. Being on your feet and talking to students for 4 hours is rough when you are used to sitting at a desk all day.



  • Wear what makes you comfortable and what represents your company’s culture. If everyone shows up every day to work wearing a suit and tie, then you should suit up for the career fair. If you company is more relaxed and laid back wear a nice business casual outfit. Just make sure to look professional.

  • Just like students get used giving their elevator pitch about who they are and what they are looking for, it is important to have a good quick pitch ready for who you are as a company and what kind of students you are looking for. After that you can go into more detail with students who are interested in the role.

  • Career fairs vary greatly from college to college and from state to state. Some career fairs are huge with 90+ companies jammed into a gymnasium. Some career fairs are smaller with only 10 companies in a classroom. Learn to adapt to the situation.IMG_20170202_142932



  • Students love swag and it’s a great way to draw attention to your booth. Also, if you bribe them they might get you some swag from another company that you spotted. I still use my yo-yo all the time! Be creative in your preparation in the days before the Career Fair: what can you bring that will be a fun prop or conversation starter?


  • Be energetic and proactive. Unless you are on their list, students aren’t going to want to come up and talk with the recruiters who are sitting looking bored and boring. You should be in the middle of everything. Stay in the action and don’t be afraid to engage with any student who will talk with you. You never know who is going to be the diamond in the ruff.

(Senior CE Team Member Miles Muslin is the king of this strategy. Get a cup of coffee in him and he’ll go crazy on all those students!)


  • image6The recruiting doesn’t end once the career fair is over. Some of the best candidates we found were bartenders and waiters we met after the career fair. You are in a college town and will be surrounded by college students. Strike up a conversation with anyone you can, you never know what could come out of it.


  • Students aren’t the only people you should be recruiting. Make friends with recruiters at other companies at the fair. You never know who is looking for a new opportunity.


  • Be confident in your company and what you have to offer. Tell interested students to talk with as many companies as possible. That is the only way they will know what they are looking for and if you can offer that to them.


  • It’s not only about the here and now. Maybe they aren’t graduating for another few years or aren’t interested in the role, but you don’t know what will happen down the road or who they might know. You should collect resumes from every student and pass out your business card to anyone who will take them.


  • Most importantly smile and have fun with it!!


See you at the next round of Fairs later this Spring and Fall!

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