#Infographic Tuesday: Best of! +The History of the Infographic

This week we are bringing you all of the best infographics that we have come across over the past few months. Infographics are a visionary way to gather and communicate complex data to a diverse audience. The art of data visualization allows us to interpret and share this data in a dynamic new way.


Here’s a little video on the evolution of the Infographic!

Our topics this week range from AI to Startup Operations to Job Search & Interviewing Tips: all these images have in common is that they are helpful, innovative, informative, and fun.

 Check out the best of the first half of 2017 in infographics:

(Click each infographic to zoom and check out the details!)

Hot or Not? Trends in Early Stage Tech


(As Trends peak, they can be said to have reached the endpoint of their spotlight in the public eye. However, we remain deeply invested the new methodologies and technologies carved out by each and every tech trend and continue to follow them.)

The Conversation Prism


(The Digital Marketplace will always be primarily focused on how we connect and communicate with each other.)

Top 10 Startup Mistakes


(There are so many important details to account for when building a successful Startup, but at the top there is Demand and Hiring the right Team.)

The Future of Employment


(Automation and Disruption will certainly affect all fields and all parts of the human workforce, but we will begin to see Robotics and Machine Learning infiltrating certain fields sooner and in more significant ways.)

7 Body Language Interview Mistakes


(It’s hard to be fully present when you are nervous about your Job Search or Interviewing, but it is important to be especially aware of what kind of impression you are making before you even say a word.)

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