We are very excited to be working and playing in the sunshine again, and 2017 is shaping up to be quite the year in tech and recruiting trends. With so many new projects on the horizon and such momentum moving forward, we are bringing you a collection of infographics this week that in some way highlight how all of this excitement is affecting current and future #Jobs and the Job Marketplace.


Take a look: 


(Click each infographic to zoom and check out the details!)


Digital Workforce


(We now know that #AI and #Robotics are not replacing humans only. They primarily do the robotic work people were doing before and supplement certain “humanistic activities”.)

Exemplary New Job Roles of the Future


(We can now map how specific digital job skills fit into the most in-demand titles/positions in the emerging tech market.)

Amazon’s Open Job Listings (2017)


(Amazon’s current available jobs span the entire market of IT, engineering, emerging tech, digital marketing, and web architecture, development, and design skills.)

Proficiency in Data Science Skills by Job Role


(Data Science is now THE job skillset to have when going on the tech sector job market. These skills cover the vast terrain of the tech workforce.)

Data Science and Analytics Skills, by 2021


(If Data Science is the skillset to acquire now, it will only grow over the next 5 years to become 69% of the preferred future workforce. The demand for Candidates with these skills will outstrip the supply from the Grad Talent Pipeline by 46%, meaning there will be available jobs for data scientists nearly anywhere they want to work!)

Traits & Skills of a Successful Tech Entrepreneur


(Entrepreneurs are a particular set of people who possess both the inherent personality/professional traits and the unique skillset to create a successful business from the ground up. These people will continue to be rare and in high demand as Emerging Tech continues to advance at such an unbelievable rate.)

18 Ways to Be More Positive at Work


(With all the changes that the industry, companies, and employees are going through, it can be difficult sometimes to achieve the perfect work-life balance and sport the right attitude every day, but overall, #jobs are getting better, more streamlined, and hopefully more enjoyable as we continue innovating the human element!)

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