#Infographic Tuesday: For Managers Special Edition + Mother’s Day

Hey Managers, Team Leaders, and CEOs! We’ve got your back

Sometimes as managers and leaders, we need a little advice on synergizing our team, offering support and resources, and boosting morale. We want to be the best supervisors that we can. Especially if we are a new company, a smaller company, going through a new merger, or are in some other kind of transition, good communication and teamwork can be even harder. Here are some infographics that capture the challenges and highlights of running a business!


Bonus: Some surprising infographics in Celebration of Mothers! Happy Mother’s Day to all!

(Click each infographic to zoom and check out the details!)

The Importance of Employee Engagement


(Employee Engagement is more important now than ever before. For a company to be successful, employees need to feel invested in the Company Culture.)

CEO Survey: Concerns


(CEOs: if you’re worried about changing skillsets, technological change & innovation, and economic growth, you’re not alone.)

What do the Best VCs and Entreprenuers in the World like to Read?


(Reading list! Read what the top industry influencers and leaders around the world are reading and maybe see where they got some of their best ideas.)

10 Principles of Leading Change Management


(Know your stuff to lead the charge forward!)

Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s this special day by the numbers (it’ll blow your mind):


And here’s a few fun very contemporary Mother’s Day facts:


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