We’re back with #InfographicTuesday! This week we are thrilled to be bringing the sunniest and most interesting infographics from across the web.

Also, today is #EqualPayDay, and we have included an infographic that highlights the widening Gender Pay Gap, which is particularly problematic in Tech and the cutting-edge industries that we support.

Please share around and talk to the people around you about how we can work together to close the Gap!

Here’s what we’re peeping this week:

Click each infographic to zoom and check out the details!

EcoTech: The Greenest Brands in the IT Industry


(The greenest brands according to a Greenpeace survey include Cisco, Ericsson, and Google.)

Gender Gap


(For #EqualPayDay, we want to remind everyone that not only do women make a fraction of what men in the same jobs make, but also there are racial & ethnic divides as well: black women only make 65 cents and latino men make only 69 cents for every dollar made by a white man in the same industry.)

Let’s work together to close the gap and ensure Equal Pay for All!


Dysfunctional Innovation Ecosystem


(Here’s a fun and strange illustrated landscape exploring the various engineering and administrative obstacles to Tech innovation and distribution.)

Blockchain Technology


(Blockchain is an important technology in FinTech that allows cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to exist: here’s a quick guide.)

The Next Industrial Revolution


(Here are the tips you’ll need “to navigate the opportunities and uncertainties of this great wave of technological change”.)

We hope that you find these as interesting and fun to look at as we do, and we are always open to conversation on what we share here.

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