#Infographic Tuesday: a midweek feast for your visual mind

We are thrilled to bring you the very first #InfographicTuesday, in which we will select the best infographics that we’ve seen floating around on the web this week. A midweek feast for your visual mind!

Click each infographic to zoom and check out the details!


Machine Intelligence 3.0


(One chart that shows will see Machine Intelligence working in different functional capacities and for different industries and operations across the board.)

The Growth of Women in Business

growth-women-business-b016(Top Ten Cities with the Highest Growth % in WOBs

1. Memphis – 122.2%    2. Detroit – 121.4%    3. Charlotte – 105.4%    4. Miami – 94.7%    5. Orlando – 83.5%    6. Atlanta – 75.8%    7. Dallas – 74.3%    8. Houston – 70.4%    9. Las Vegas – 69.8%    10. Austin – 65.2%  )

Just in time for International Women’s Day!

The World’s Most Valuable Brands 2017 by Country


(Although many big players in the #Tech sector appear here, it is interesting to note that banks are the most prominent global businesses on the map.)

What is Cloud Computing?


(A much-needed user-friendly guide for people who still cannot wrap their minds around Cloud Computing.)

Top 10 Skills Important in the Workforce: 2015 vs 2020


(At once a glance at skills that have dominated workforce needs over the past few years and a projection of what will be the most important skills in the future.)

We hope that you find these as interesting and fun to look at as we do, and we are always open to conversation on what we share here.

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