Crystal Equation kicks off 2017!!! 

“As I look back to where we began in 2006 to present,

it is remarkable how far we have come.”

As our logo indicates the ∑ Sigma sign, it really is about the sum of all of us that makes us who we are.  I couldn’t be prouder of the talent we have in this organization!

What a thrilling 2016 we had!!  

Crystal Equation went global by opening locations in Singapore, Ireland and UK!!  These locations allow us to provide managed services to our existing portfolio.  I’d like to mention Julie Selders, Director of Global Sales, for an outstanding effort with a dedication I can only hope to replicate!
As we move into 2017, I am excited for our new foundation of growth and expanding on those capabilities. 
I am pleased to announce that March 15, 2017 is the grand opening of our Santa Clara, CA location.  Bruce Lee, Director of Client Services, is tasked with building this regional office and I want to thank him for leading this effort!
This year will prove to be very interesting as the labor pool is shifting.  We continually strive to stay ahead of the marketplace and where technology will be. Robots are on the move, technology shifts at a rapid pace, and we need to stay ahead of the curve. 

It’s an exciting challenge for us as we welcome 2017!

Christine Terman
President & CEO