How to put your Professional Organizing skills to work on Spring Break!

“Every spring, working parents have to figure out what to do for the week of their kids’ Spring Break.”

When I was a kid, my spring break meant staying at home. Things have changed a lot since then, so every year I try and get more creative with my planning.


We have been to California several times, Florida and Las Vegas. You want to factor in the weather and what are appropriate things to do considering your child’s age. For 2017, I wanted to do something different. My son told me he wanted to go where the ocean was crystal clear so I researched every single Caribbean island to find the perfect place for my 16-year-old and myself. I decided on Aruba.



As I began researching activities in Aruba I found a lot of interesting things. It’s not just a beach or island but it has a definitive culture and so many activities.

I held meetings with my son about what we can do for the 8 days. We planned just like you would at work – but not too much planning. It gave us a lot to look forward to – especially me!

When we arrived in Aruba we met a wonderful family that had and 8-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy and another family with a 9-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy. This was a perfect opportunity to plan an excursion!

We declared the 12-year-old our “Program Manager” for the outing, which he took very seriously. He talked to the concierge, called the travel guide and made reservations. We then had a meeting (all the kids and myself) discussing what everyone wanted to do. Everyone was involved and excited for the event.

I write this because it reminded me of how to get buy-in from team members in a work place:

“Everyone wants a voice and to be heard.”

These children were so much fun, and we were all able to work together so well that the adults were able to relax and really feel like kids again. What a great experience that created new friends and wonderful memories for all!

Wishing you all a productive and rejuvenating Spring,

Christine Terman
President & CEO

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