CE Weekly Picks: What’s New in Staffing & Recruiting

CE Weekly Picks: What’s New in Staffing & Recruiting

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This week we are featuring the first of our two-week spotlight on What’s New in Staffing & Recruiting right now.

Because we work with IT Professionals, Engineers, and others in the Tech Sector, we often don’t get a chance to check in with the work of *people connecting people*, which is really what we do and what we love.

There is so much to be excited about in how the Staffing Industry is changing and developing better tools for a better connections, professional relationships, and brighter workplace culture. We work with so many kinds of people in different kinds of jobs who are invested in different technologies and spheres of influence: it’s important to make sure that we are always offering the best to the people we work with in every part of the Equation.

We want to reach out of our own little corner of the world and speak to those who care about improving Staffing and Recruiting for all!

Let’s kick things off by checking in with our good friends over at Bullhorn. They’ve done us all the favor of putting their heads together to produce a helpful list of

The Top Staffing and Recruiting Trends for 2017

In order to make accurate Trend predictions, we have to start by looking back on what was happening for Staffing firms in 2016: “More than three three-quarters of respondents surveyed at the tail end of 2016 expected to meet or exceed 2016 revenue goals.” Which leads us directly to the extremely high predictions for 2017: “Expectations for this year are through the roof. Four out of five respondents foresee a revenue increase in 2017 (80 percent), and almost one in five (17 percent) expect revenue growth of more than 25 percent.”

Why so optimistic?

  • Outstanding growth from temporary placements
  • repeat clients facing talent shortages in key sectors
  • New technology adoption

Plus a little key insight from the folks at Bullhorn:

“What are firms least concerned with accomplishing in 2017? Moving to VMS ranked as the lowest priority….But sleeping on VMS could be a mistake: About 50 percent of larger firms (over $100 million in revenue) use a VMS to drive at least 25 percent of their revenue.

And yes, the technology matters:

  • 64 percent of firms use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to track candidate activity
  • 60 percent use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for business development


  • More than a third of firms (34 percent) make fewer than 25 percent of their total placements from candidates already in their ATS or CRM

<<Read the full report here: http://ow.ly/GX2330aeAqm>>

Over at the SmartRecruiters blog we have a gentle reminder about preparing ourselves for


Just remember: “A new generation is beginning to enter the workforce – those that have absolutely no memory of the 20th century, nope not even 1999.”

Gen Z includes born after 1997, and they are ALL about to rapidly enter and completely redefine our Candidate Pipelines.


SmartRecruiters highlights how important it is to be aware of “how their expectations differ from their parents and grandparents”.

Compare Gen Z to their Millennial predecessors, and you’ll see important differences, like:

  • 64% more willing to move for a good job opportunity
    (74% vs 45% for millennials)
  • 64% more likely to believe that work has a greater purpose than earning a salary
    (74% vs 45% for millennials)
  • 28% more willing to work nights and weekends for higher pay
    (58% vs. 45% for millennials)

The most important innovation to keep in mind is of course that there is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ONLINE AND OFFLINE for Gen Z (or any of us, anymore).


<<This and so much more info on Gen Z has been compiled by Monster. Access the full resport here: https://www.monstersoftwaresolutions.com/docs/genz/monster_genz_report.pdf>>


*****Have a fantastic weekend!*****


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