Supplier Diversity Program

Crystal Equation Supplier Diversity Programs are designed to promote, increase and improve the quality of the overall participation of small, minority, women and disabled veteran business enterprises (M/WBE and DVBEs) in our supply chain. Our goal is to procure 21.5 percent of our products and services from M/WBE and DVBEs. Specifically, our diversity goals are:

  • 15 percent with Minority Business Enterprises (MBE)
  • 5 percent with Women Business Enterprises (WBE)
  • 1.5 percent with Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBE)

Program Overview

We look for opportunities to work with diversity suppliers in all aspects of our business — from advertising to computers, to sub-contracting opportunities for Technology/Engineering professional services team and permanent search companies.

Crystal Equation is a national leader in supplier diversity. For more than 2 years, we’ve built a proud history of working with small, minority, women and disabled veteran owned businesses. we’ve achieved these world-class results through the strong support our employees have given to the Crystal Equation Supplier Diversity Programs.

The Crystal Equation Supplier Diversity Programs are an integral part of our strategic advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Diversity suppliers help us meet the needs of our diverse customer base and maintain our competitive edge by providing quality products and services that meet specific requirements. Promoting the participation of a diverse supplier base not only provides better business solutions, it also cultivates greater customer loyalty, bidding advantages, and public policy support in the communities Crystal Equation serves.

Providing opportunities for M/WBE and DVBEs makes good business sense, and these suppliers are among the core strategic partners that have helped Crystal Equation become one of the most respected Technology/Engineering companies in the USA today.

Supplier Diversity Business Development

The Supplier Diversity Programs staff at Crystal Equation assists current and potential diversity suppliers in identifying and developing business opportunities with the company. They work with suppliers to ensure requirements and standards are clearly communicated so that diversity suppliers are successful in our complex and ever-evolving supply chain cycle. The Supplier Diversity team offers supplier diversity expertise to support and ensuring that M/WBEs and DVBEs are given the opportunity to fully participate in the company’s business. Supplier Diversity Managers assist our partners to develop supplier diversity solutions and help them meet supplier diversity spending targets.

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